IRIS - Market Research Worldwide

IRIS is the most extensive network of independent, full-service market research institutes worldwide. Currently, IRIS has 31 members from nations across Europe, Asia, North and Central America, including Australia. Each country is represented by a market research institute. Partner institutes undergo a rigorous selection process, ensuring that the IRIS Network maintains exceptional quality standards and effective international cooperation.

Since April 2013, intervista had been proudly representing Switzerland.

The network is finely meshed and highly active. Members meet once every 6 months in a different guest country to exchange expertise, experience and best practices, while initiating international cooperation.

Regular staff exchange initiatives offer project leaders the opportunity to gain international experience in an external institute. This process enhances cultivation of the international network and promotes direct exchanges of expertise.

We also make proactive use of the IRIS Network, give regular specialist presentations at the meetings, and benefit from being able to execute international projects jointly with our partners.
Our project leader Lena Korinth recently spent two months on a staff exchange with our Australian partner Instinct & Reason.
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Zoom: iris_conference_nice_france_sept_2014-landscape.jpg

Some of the IRIS members at the meeting in Nice in September 2014.