In today’s business environment, customer orientation is the key entrepreneurial success factor. The new media landscape provides increasing opportunities for comparing and choosing products and service offerings. Consequently, understanding customer needs and optimising offerings is vital for sustainably differentiating any offering from the competition and increasing business success.

cXplore - a platform for all touchpoints

Deploying our new Research & Co-Creation Tool cXplore, we help you to multimedially document customer experiences, then systematically and promptly analyse that data in real time, allowing optimisation strategies to be derived from them.

Optimised for qualitative longitudinal analyses, cXplore differs from conventional software products. Specifically designed functions motivate study participants to allow deeper insight into their needs, or to generate more creative contributions.

For example, study participants promptly document experiences and activities via photos and texts, and can be accompanied in real time. This allows direct insights into their everyday life and, above all, into the emotions involved. Alternatively, participants can complete selectively dedicated tasks.


Versatile potential applications for cXplore:

Experiences can be recorded at any time and anywhere
- target group analyses / ethnographies
- brand perception / image analyses
- touchpoint experiences
- product launch support

Processes can be analysed from the customer perspective
- using online diary studies
- to analyse purchase journeys
- and customer journeys

You can approach product and service developments jointly with customers
- through discussion forums
- through experience collages
- combined with Co-Creation settings

To obtain optimal customer insights, we will develop jointly with you a customised study design and upload it onto our cXplore platform tailor-made for your specific needs. cXplore is available as an App for both the Android and Apple iOS systems, and has also been optimised for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as for stationary desktop computer.

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