Consumers are confronted with thousands of advertising slogans on a daily basis. For advertising media, the very first seconds of contact with the target group make or break the message. The impact of the communication must be immediate. Are you keen to know the nature and strength of the impact of your advertising medium is?

We have further expanded our range of tailor-made studies. With „Hot Spot“ we are offering an online tool that allows advertising media to be tested in detail. „Hot Spot“ provides a differentiated evaluation of visual materials (e.g. posters, advertisements), whereby all key individual elements of the subject can be clicked on and assessed by the interviewees.
So-called „heatmaps“ indicate which sectors are having a strong impact, but also those that are not, and why. This visually supported analysis generates insight that is not possible via the classic questions that provide a total overview. Moreover, all comments made by interviewees are provided for you, arranged in positive and negative responses for each sector.

„Hot Spot“ provides, for example, answers to the following questions:

How are the content and structure of the advertising medium being assessed?

Which visual elements (text and images) are well received, and which less so?

How are the interviewees explaining their assessments?

Which content has greater or less appeal for which target group?

Is the message being understood?