Long-term tracking of customer behaviour

If you wish to observe a target group over a longer period of time, whether it’s to learn about general or more subject-specific attitudes and behaviours, a diary study is ideal. For diary studies, we work with the web-based platform cXplore that has developed over several years and is continually optimised. Alongside the possibility of keeping a diary for a period of several weeks, the participants can also upload photos and integrate online questionnaires. In addition, the participants can also be set specific tasks they are supposed to complete. These tasks can trigger scenarios that seldom come about spontaneously, e.g. conclusion of a contract or a cancellation. If you want more detail on the customer experience in mobile contexts, then our SMS treasure hunt is an ideal supplementary module. With corresponding target groups, e.g. less internet-savvy sections of the population such as senior citizens, we are also able to carry out offline diary studies. In these cases the respondents can participate by means of pencil and paper.

Diary studies are particularly suitable for target group analyses, particularly as a basis for the development of personas, and as part of customer experience design projects.