Optimisation of User Interfaces

Usability or user experience tests explore the problems and optimisation potential of an application (e.g. website, smartphone app) from a user’s point of view. Users complete tasks that reflect the primary use cases of the application and are observed as they do so. In order to understand the motivation behind their actions, here they “think out loud”. Problems are then discussed with the moderator.
We can easily combine user experience testing with the questioning techniques of the in-depth interview, with the aim of understanding more about the background to the action – because the use situation itself is the very best way for customers to reveal their needs and limiting factors when it comes to using a product or service.
User experience tests can be carried out in every phase of product development. We recommend involving customers early on, for example as soon as paper prototypes of an application exist, since it is usually easier and cheaper to incorporate corrections sooner rather than later.