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Qualitative Online Study

The other way of taking a closer look at topics

Qualitative market research has many faces. In addition to the classic face-to-face survey settings in in-depth interviews, focus groups/group discussions, there are several ways to gain qualitative user or customer insights online. Similar to a quantitative online survey, participants are invited to fill out a web-based questionnaire. However, this survey is designed in such a way that

  • a longer engagement with the topic takes place
  • tasks can be completed over several days
  • participants can get “creative” in open-ended question formats, association, collage or essay tasks
  • many or complex tasks such as comparisons of websites, research assignments are completed with pleasure and motivation

These studies do not require an interviewer at all, because participants complete the survey in a self-administered way, i.e. without help and at a flexible time. In this way, surveys can be carried out faster, more cost-effectively and with significantly more people. Of course, the topic must be suitable for this, because there is no possibility for questions or interaction with participants in this survey format.

We have successfully used qualitative online studies in the following cases:

  • To explore customer behaviour through online diaries
  • For co-creation studies
  • For online documentation in inhome usage tests or mystery studies

Other diverse use cases are conceivable. We would be happy to show you the possibilities of researching your question online, but using qualitative methodology.

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