What is the purpose of brand positioning?

How do your current customers, your business partners or potential target groups view your company or your brand? What qualities are attributed to your brand? How is the image of your brand developing over time? Has the image of your brand improved through communication measures? Where does your brand stand in relation to the competition?

The right image directly influences the attractiveness of your brand or your company. It also affects which target groups you appeal to, how loyal your existing customers are and how successful you are in gaining new customers.

intervista is by your side to help you with all steps that are important to brand management through innovative market research – we work with you to develop new image concepts, measure the recognisability of your brand, track your image values, carry out benchmark measurements and offer more complex analyses in order to optimise the image of your brand.    

What possibilities for image research does intervista offer?

In our market research studies, we work on your behalf to explore how your company or your brand is perceived, and produce an individual image profile with various image dimensions. This enables you to recognise differences between the actual image and the desired or target image. On this basis, we develop practically oriented proposals for the optimisation and positioning of your brand.

The image of your company can be measured via various methods that complement one another perfectly:    

Explicit Image Measuring    

The data collection takes place in classic form here by means of image-related statements. The various image drivers are identified and their structure analysed in order to produce a comprehensive and substantiated image profile of your brand.    

Implicit Image Measuring

Psychological research shows that the concept of the homo oeconomicus acting entirely rationally and deliberately does not correspond with reality. Consumers subconsciously learn far more than they realise or can expressly state about brands and products. This unconscious, implicit knowledge is crucial when it comes to a customer’s (purchasing) behaviour and attitude towards a brand, but cannot be comprehensively captured with classic questionnaires.

This is why intervista also offers innovative reaction-time-based processes, in which spontaneous judgements and mental connections of certain characteristics with your brand are measured. intervista has its own online tool developed specially for such implicit image measuring.

We present the results of the implicit brand measuring in the brand space. This illustrates all the dimensions that are important for the company.  

Zoom: The brand space model illustrates all dimensions that are important for the company. In the example presented, we can see that the brand is judged more positively in relation to environmental protection and proximity to the customer than the current campaign.

In the example presented, we can see that the brand itself is judged more positively in relation to environmental protection and proximity to the customer than the current campaign.

Image Tracking and Benchmark Measuring

Long-term and regular image tracking permits you to maintain an overview of the development of the image and, where necessary, to introduce targeted communication measures at the appropriate time.

A simultaneous assessment of the image values of your competitors permits an interpretation of your own image profile in comparison to the competition (benchmarking). We offer comparative analyses of the strengths and weaknesses of your brand image and target-aimed recommendations for action in order to optimise your market positioning.

With intervista as your partner, you have the support of a market research institute with a huge amount of experience and methodical competence in image research and in the implementation of continuous image tracking and benchmark measurements.