What is the purpose of communication research?    

How can you optimise your advertising so that you publicise and position your brand optimally? And how do you ensure that your advertising leads to an increase in sales, but at the same time boosts the value of your brand in the long term? Answers to these questions are provided by a specialised area of market research, known as communication research. Through communication and advertising measures, you can help move your products and your company to a better position in the market. On the one hand, advertising can lead to an immediate increase in sales for the publicized product, but it can also help to build up and preserve a brand’s value in the long term.    

What possibilities for communication research does intervista offer?    

To enable you to help your products and your company to achieve greater market success, your communication measures must fulfil certain central requirements:    

To ensure your advertising has an impact, you need to raise awareness among the identified target group.    

You need to send out a message that is credible and that improves the perception of your product or your brand among the target groups.

The advertising, and thus your product or your brand should remain in people’s memories for as long as possible.    

In order to create or reinforce a high market value, it must be applied continuously and gain recognisability value.

With our pre-tests and advertising success controls (post-tests), we help you to discover optimisation potential in your communication measures and to improve them so that you take the abovementioned aspects into consideration to optimum effect.