What is the purpose of customer experience design?    

What is the customer’s experience of your company, from the perception of your advertising, to the use of your offers and support services, all the way through to switching to a higher-value offer? Where can you excite your customers and/or intrigue them more than the competition? Where are customers open to up- and cross-selling? Do you know where the pain points are from a customer point of view and how you can improve these?

Answers to these questions can be found using the methods of customer experience design, human-centred design, design thinking or service design. These are terms that are currently on everyone’s lips. They describe a process for the initial development of offers or the improvement of existing offers, whereby the customer is consistently the main focus. The work is often carried out in interdisciplinary teams. The aim is to develop products and services that help your company stand out from the competition in the market.

What possibilities for customer experience design does intervista offer?

In customer experience projects, we combine our in-depth knowledge of market research with our many years of experience in customer experience design in various different industries.

Throughout the project we work in an interdisciplinary team: The relevant people in your company should be involved in the process so that the starting situation is clear and there is a high level of commitment to implementation. Using various methods, for example the intervista SMS treasure hunt, we get all participants to see everything from the customer’s perspective, right from the off.

The basis for the development of an improved and unique customer experience is supplied by a comprehensive market research exercise: we consult new and longstanding customers to explore the entire customer journey, or sections thereof. Through qualitative market research using the intervista (online) diary, which we implement with our customer experience and co-creation tool cXplore, and/or the intervista SMS treasure hunt we gain in-depth insights into the current customer experience. In parallel to this, we use qualitative questionnaires to create a solid basis for the prioritisation of measures for improvement. We research what the customers actually experience and present this as an emotional curve along the customer journey.

Zoom: The emotion curve represents the satisfaction of the respondent along the entire customer journey (or parts thereof). For the sample company, there is a clear need for improvement in the information provided on its website (2), in the activation of the product (7) and in the cancellation process (14).

For the sample company, there is a clear need for improvement in the information provided on its website (2), in the activation of the product (7) and in the cancellation process (14).    

Together with the project team, we find out where the most significant moments of truth are along the customer journey, i.e. where do we expect to see the greatest influence on customer acquisition, retention or retrieval as well as recommendations to others? For these moments, we work together in the project team to create measures, e.g. in the form of storyboards or a business model canvas.

Even after the development of ideas, we provide support in the implementation of measures with mindsetting and evaluation tools in order to maintain a focus on the customer centring, for example through personas and user experience testing, or we support you during and after the launch through communication test (pre- and post tests) real-time feedback, customer trials, satisfaction measurements or KPI monitoring.