Why involve customers in product development and improvement?

What is the user’s experience of your offering? Where are there “pain points” and what are the excitement factors of your product? What do customers want in addition to existing solutions?  

These and similar questions can be answered by involving customers (right from the beginning) in the process of product development and improvement. If you would like to develop and improve your offering in a customer-oriented way along the entire customer journey, we can offer you our methods of Customer Experience Design.

If you simply want to improve individual aspects of your products or services or are seeking ideas for new offerings, there are various different ways that intervista can support you with market research.

What possibilities for product development and improvements does intervista offer?

There are basically two key elements in the development or improvement of offerings through customer involvement:    

listening to the customer    

observing users

Useful tools for the initial development of offerings include ethnographic interviews, (online) diary studies or co-creation studies with cXplore.
For the improvement of existing offerings, we also work very successfully with our resaerch & co-creation tool cXplore and with our SMS treasure hunt. For the optimisation of digital offerings (e.g. websites and apps), we recommend carrying out user experience tests.

intervista supports you in selecting the right methods. We design a study tailored to your product or your service and supply you with the practically relevant and implementable results of our analysis, including recommendations for action and development of new ideas and concepts in workshops together with you.