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intervista was founded in 2010 and is a full-service institute for high-quality, individual market research solutions with a focus on quantitative and qualitative online research. We offer you complete solutions from a single source and create reliable bases for decision-making through our many years of experience, sound methodological knowledge and the use of modern technologies.

We do not leave our clients alone with their questions. It is important to us that every market research study is optimally tailored to your needs. We are not satisfied with the first best approach, but find individual solutions – with the application of innovative methods and the use of tools that meet your questions.

For us, market research is not simply the delivery of data – our clients value our implementation-oriented and psychologically sound approaches. We are committed to the highest quality standards – from project planning and conception to study implementation and data processing to further customer consulting based on the insights gained.

Our quality standards

We have the highest quality standards for our products and the implementation of our projects. We provide you with high-quality data and insights that you can rely on.

Our understanding of the customer

Often the needs and motives of target groups are not known. In our studies, we take the perspective of your customers with you in order to better understand their wishes, motives and needs.

Our individual solutions

We know about the uniqueness of projects and their specific questions. That’s why we develop individual study designs for your projects that use the diverse methods of our broad portfolio.

Our innovative strength

We are constantly developing and combining innovative procedures and tools with scientifically sound methods. With curiosity, enthusiasm and motivation, we pursue paths that provide you with new insights.

Our competence

We do not leave our clients alone with their questions. We think holistically for them and focus on the solution – not the methods.

Our commitment

We are convinced and enthusiastic about our work. We act in a dynamic, committed and agile manner for the success of our clients.

Our online panel

With our high-quality, certified intervista Online-Panel and its over 120,000 active participants, you will always get the right target groups for your market research study.

ISO certification

intervista is certified as a full-service provider and as an access panel provider according to the international standard ISO 20252:2019 and meets the high requirements of the ISO certification body. The ISO 20252 standard is specifically tailored to the quality management of market research institutes and deals in particular with requirements for quality and project management, the handling of conceptual research aspects, methodology, requirements for data collection, data management, data processing and reporting.

You will find further information on ISO certification 20252:2019 on the website of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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Our global network for international studies

IRIS is one of the world’s largest networks of independent research institutes. With currently 37 members around the world, the network enables the affiliated market research institutes to cooperate internationally. Each country is represented by a market research institute. With a strict selection process for partner institutes, the IRIS network ensures high quality standards. We are proud to represent Switzerland with intervista since April 2013.

The network is very close and active. The members meet every 6 months in a different host country to exchange knowledge, experiences and best practices and to initiate international cooperations. The regular staff exchange programme offers project leaders the opportunity to gain experience abroad in another institute. This cultivates the international network and promotes a direct exchange of knowledge.

We also actively use the IRIS network, regularly give expert presentations at the meetings and benefit from being able to carry out international projects with our partners.

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