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Insights for the energy market of the future

Relevant Insights

Eine Branche im Wandel

For many years, the energy supply industry was strongly characterised by state regulation as well as products that were considered commodities by customers and belonged to the so-called “low interest products”. For these reasons, the need for market research in the industry was rather low at the time – customers were tied down and not very interested in what the various providers had to offer. With the partial opening of the market in Switzerland and the parallel broadening of the portfolio of the energy supply companies, this began to change fundamentally. Added to this is the growing interest of the population in sustainability and climate neutrality: many customers now care where and how their energy is produced.

We support our clients from the energy industry with relevant insights so that they can position themselves in this changing market environment in a customer-centric and successful way.

Energy market research with private and business customers

How good is our image? How satisfied are our customers with products, prices and service? How high is the risk of churn? How great is the need for sustainable energy products and what is the willingness to pay? Who are the target groups? How are the products best marketed? These are just a few of the questions that concern our clients in the energy sector. Also in newly developing business areas in the field of telecommunications or in accompanying energy products such as e-mobility, many research questions arise, ranging from the potential of new products and services to their concrete design to target groups, pricing and communication. In the energy sector, it must be taken into account that B2C and B2B customers often have completely different needs and decision criteria. We have been working for companies in the energy sector for many years and help them answer their questions with a wide range of quantitative and qualitative studies with private and business customers.

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