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Insights on mobility and tourism of tomorrow

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How is mobility behaviour developing in Switzerland? Are passengers satisfied? How do holidaymakers choose a tourist destination? Which means of transport are used how often and for what purpose? What will the mobility of tomorrow look like?

For the mobility and tourism sectors, we answer a wide range of questions for a broad spectrum of clients. We work for public transport, tourism organisations, companies from the automotive sector, car, scooter and bike sharing providers, associations and government institutions.

Broad set of methods in use

Research fields

To answer the research questions of our clients from the mobility and tourism sectors, we use a broad set of methods and technologies and provide them with insights into the acceptance of new offers, awareness, brand image and advertising impact, and we survey the satisfaction of their customers or passengers. Based on our geolocation tracking panel Footprints, we can offer unique and high-resolution baseline data that provide deep insights into the current development of mobility and tourism behaviour.

Mobility Research

Under way with the Swiss people

Advertising Research and Communication Research

Sound insights for successful advertising campaigns

Price Research and Product Research

Insights to optimise your offer
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Creating products, services and processes for outstanding customer experiences

Customer Surveys

Gain comprehensive insights about your customers
Triggering surveys at specific locations

Surveys in Footprints Panel

In the Footprints Panel of intervista, the locations of the participants are continuously recorded via a smartphone app. Thanks to this measurement, on the one hand mobility and tourism behaviour can be measured in detail and the development analysed, on the other hand it is possible to trigger surveys at specific locations. For example, a survey can be triggered directly on the smartphone when someone is at a railway station or in a tourist destination or when someone leaves this area. Thanks to this methodology, feedback can be collected immediately in a digital way. For example, questions about the experience, satisfaction, well-being and perception are asked directly on site.


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Methods, Offers, Studies

Covid-19 mobility monitoring study

The mobility behaviour of the Swiss population has changed significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On behalf of the Statistical Office of the Canton of Zurich, the Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force, the Swiss Federal Statistical Office and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s (ETH) Economic Research Unit, we conducted a mobility tracking of the Swiss population.

Reading time 3 min
Methods, Offers, Studies

Geolocation Mobile Research

In their article “Insights directly from the ski slope”, Beat Fischer and Felix Bernet, members of the management of intervista AG, show the possible uses and advantages of location-based mobile research using the example of winter sports tourism.

Beat Fischer
Beat Fischer
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