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The right target group for your Swiss market research study.

Our panel comprises over 50,000 registered participants throughout Switzerland in the b2c consumer panel and 20,000 participants in the b2b panel (decision-makers and managers in companies of all sizes).

Explicit vs. Implicit Measuring

In market research, explicit measurement processes are widely applied in numerous research designs. However, in certain research settings explicit measurement meets its limits: measuring the image of a brand or a company seems to be a prominent example since these personal perceptions are deep-seated in the subconscious and directly not fully accessible.  These unconscious associations can though, be identified efficiently by implicit measurement processes. To compare these two approaches, we set up a study which takes up the ideal of beauty in today's society.

Target Group Analysis

For whom am I developing my product? For whom am I designing my campaign? Towards whom am I orienting my advice? For whose tastes am I designing my (online) shop? Who are my customers? - These are questions most companies need to consider when it comes to product development, marketing and sales. Knowledge of the customer is a differentiating factor in the market.

Mystery Shopping

How good is the advice given in your stores in comparison to your competitors? Do the hotline employees adhere to the guidelines given in your training? Are customers’ e-mail enquiries answered quickly, straightforwardly and competently? To answer these questions we conduct mystery or scouting surveys. Mystery analyses do not replace customer satisfaction analyses solutions, but are a tool that ideally supplements the subjective customer view with standardised measured services.   

Customer Experience

In customer experience projects, we combine our in-depth knowledge of market research with our many years of experience in customer experience design. Our cXplore tool records customer experiences in real time.

The Emotion Curve

Price Research

What price should you set for a (new) product so that it can survive in the market? How do price increases affect the market share and sales of a product? Alongside a product's characteristics, price is the crucial factor in achieving any kind of demand. intervista uses various processes to identify the optimal price for your offer, e.g. PSM, Gabor Granger, Conjoint.

Internal Page: Some of our Clients
Internal Page: Some of our Clients
Internal Page: Some of our Clients
Internal Page: Some of our Clients
Internal Page: Some of our Clients
Internal Page: Some of our Clients