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Telecommunications - a dynamic market

Staying on the ball with market research

Telecommunications is an industry that is facing great challenges. While it only benefited from digitalisation until a few years ago, it is now being put under pressure by it. The willingness to pay for the core products is decreasing and the competition between the providers and the pressure to innovate are correspondingly great. In addition, customers’ demands, for example on network speed, are becoming ever higher. New digital products are being developed, some of which are very successful, but some of which are not or only hesitantly accepted by customers. This concerns both the private and the business customer sector.

We have been working for companies in the telecommunications industry for many years and support them with a wide range of quantitative and qualitative studies with private and business customers so that they can position themselves in this competitive market environment in a customer-centric and successful way.

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intervista supports you with studies on the core business …

In the core business of telecommunications, companies must differentiate themselves from the competition in order to maintain or gain market share despite similar offerings. This can be done through various levers, for example, through excellent service quality, products with a clear USP or an attractive price. In order to find the right strategy for the company and the target groups, findings from market research are very relevant. intervista supports you with the appropriate studies for your current challenges. These can be quantitative customer satisfaction or pricing studies, for example, but also qualitative customer experience projects or mystery studies to obtain benchmarks.

… and also for the development of new business fields

Most TelCos develop new, mostly digital products and services outside the core business. Such innovations are important and necessary when the core business of an industry becomes less lucrative. It makes sense to develop products from the beginning with the involvement of the target group in order to meet customer needs. For this purpose, we offer, for example, co-creation studies with suitable participants, and for a later stage of development, additional quantitative product potential studies and analyses to determine optimal pricing. Accompanying projects before and after the launch of new products are often important to determine the target groups and to check the effect on the brand image. Here, too, intervista supports you with the appropriate insights for your go-to-market strategy and later comprehensive analyses of the launched products.

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Study Customer Centricity Score

The Customer Centricity Score is a suitable indicator, a simple measurement tool that maps the degree of customer centricity of the organisation and enables companies to identify the levers for more customer orientation.

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