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Geolocation Tracking


Tracking the population

Understanding mobility

Geolocation Tracking Mobilitaet

People are on the move a lot, be it on the way to work, shopping or for leisure activities. In recent decades, the population of Switzerland has become increasingly mobile and the average daily distances of the inhabitants have steadily increased. Since the outbreak of the Corona crisis and the measures taken by the authorities, mobility behaviour is currently undergoing a major change. In order to understand the development of mobility, it is very important to know current and reliable data for different areas.

intervista has developed a smartphone-based measurement solution that continuously records the whereabouts and the means of transport used by users. This geolocation tracking works with technologies such as triangulation of mobile and WiFi networks, geofencing and beacons. With this measurement system, we provide our customers with very well-founded, up-to-date and meaningful insights into mobility behaviour, both in Switzerland and abroad.

A unique database

Footprints Panel in Switzerland

intervista has been operating the Footprints Panel in Switzerland since 2018 with currently 4,000 participants who share data on their mobility behaviour on a daily basis. The movement profiles of more than 1 million measurement days are registered annually. The panel was recruited to be representative of the population according to target specifications for age, gender, WEMF regions and public transport season tickets. The participants are remunerated monthly for their willingness to participate in the data and, of course, the applicable data protection laws are complied with.

Footprints Heatmap Schweiz
A wide range of applications

Typical research questions

With the Footprints Panel, intervista generates comprehensive data on the mobility behaviour of the Swiss population. The data allows us to answer research questions from a wide range of fields:


Which means of transport are used how often? How is mobility behaviour changing? How are CO2 emissions, caused by private transport, developing?


How heavily are commercial properties frequented? How often are shops visited and by whom? How is shopping tourism to foreign countries close to the border changing?


What is the reach of a poster campaign? How big is the impact of an OOH/DOOH campaign? How well are different target groups reached with advertising networks?


How do tourists behave locally? How well do control measures work? Where do people spend their holidays?

International in action

Versatile application

Geolocation Tracking Footprints-Panel Intl.

We also make our Footprints measurement system available outside the Footprints Panel as Software as a Service for research projects. For example, the Footprints technology is used by research institutes abroad as a white-label solution for population-representative mobility measurements. In addition, it is also possible to equip specific individuals or target groups with the research app. A typical use case is, for example, the behavioural tracking of inbound tourists from abroad, who cannot be covered by the Swiss Footprints panel.

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Beat Fischer
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