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Advertising pretest

Success can be planned

Going “on air” with an advertising or communication campaign without having tested it in advance is a big risk. Will the campaign work as desired? Will the target groups understand the messages? Will the campaign appeal emotionally? Will it trigger interest in the advertised offer and create an incentive to buy or use the offer?

An advertising pre-test by intervista provides certainty in this regard – and is a small investment that is always worthwhile: not only as a safeguard against advertising expenditure that could fizzle out ineffectively, but also because it can massively increase the return on investment of the campaign. An advertising pretest, for example, clearly shows which design variant performs best and which optimisation measures are possible. In this way, the impact potential of each individual advertising contact can be increased in a relevant way.

Marketing managers and advertising agencies like to rely on advertising pretests from intervista. Because we respond to individual campaign goals and use proven and innovative research techniques. And because our broad experience and commitment is simply tangible – from the conception of the research design to the concrete recommendations for action.

Quickly check advertising KPIs

Advertising check

The tight schedule in campaign planning does not always allow for a comprehensive advertising pre-test. But even in these cases, you don’t have to do without insights into the potential impact of the advertising material before it is used. This is precisely why we have developed the intervista Advertising Check.

The advertising check is a standardised advertising research tool with which you can quickly and easily check the most important aspects of a subject or spot: Likeability, comprehensibility, message conveyance, brand fit and activation are tested in a sample representative of the population. After only 5 days you will receive all results including a benchmark comparison.

Advertising Check
Werbeforschung Werbecheck
Image analysis with artificial intelligence

Conspicuousness analyses with predictive eye tracking

Werbeforschung Eye-Tracking

If advertising is not seen, it cannot be effective. That is why it is worthwhile to check and optimise the conspicuousness of advertising media. With the Predictive Eye Tracking solution from intervista, this is quicker and easier than ever before.

Predictive Eye Tracking is based on training data from test persons and artificial intelligence. This allows us to analyse standardised advertising media – e.g. poster or print subjects, and now also commercials – with regard to their conspicuousness in the advertising environment and the visibility of the individual image elements.

Predictive Eye Traking Demo2 Orginal Predictive Eye Traking Demo2 Overlay
predictive eye tracking demo1 orginal predictive-eye-traking-demo1-overlay
Advertising impact analyses

Campaign tracking and advertising mail tests

Campaign tracking is a valuable instrument in marketing controlling. In a zero measurement before the start of the campaign, possibly in intermediate measurements during the campaign and in a post measurement after the campaign, the central KPIs are collected – in a sample representative of the target group in the intervista Online-Panel.

By comparing the measurement times, it can be clearly demonstrated how well the marketing activities achieved the set goals: How much has brand awareness increased? Has the image improved in the relevant dimensions? To what extent have attitudes and knowledge changed? Is there now more interest and a higher purchase or usage intention?

In the post measurement of the campaign tracking – or with an advertising post test, if no zero measurement was carried out – valuable insights into the concrete implementation of the campaign can also be determined: Did the campaign leave a lasting impression on the intended target groups? Which advertising materials were remembered? Were the messages understood? Did the campaign appeal and appeal emotionally? Was the campaign a concrete trigger to obtain further information, change behaviour or buy the advertised product?

intervista has a lot of know-how in the conception, implementation and interpretation of campaign tracking and advertising post-tests. We have already provided research support for hundreds of campaigns – from small, subtle marketing activities to large-scale information and awareness-raising projects – and are always pleased to provide our clients with important learnings and concrete input for their next campaigns. We don’t just measure impact and success, we actively contribute to it.

Knowing what works

Advertising media research


In which advertising channels is advertising most noticed? How do you reach attractive target groups in a receptive mood for your message? Which advertising channels work best?

Advertising effectiveness research by intervista determines what works. With sophisticated research designs and innovative technical solutions, we ask the right questions at the right time – for example, directly on the smartphone at the moment of truth after the advertising contact. We conduct such studies for both advertising clients and marketers of advertising inventory, who in turn make the results available to their clients. The findings go far beyond mere reach data, are exciting and often surprising.

On behalf of Swiss Post, we conducted such a study among the population in German- and French-speaking Switzerland on the impact of different advertising channels.

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Effective dialogue with clients

Communication research

Companies and institutions have more and more options at their disposal to communicate directly with their customers and stakeholders – from letters to tweets, from personal customer visits to virtual events, from advisory hotlines to chatbots. This offers a lot of potential to make direct communication even more targeted, effective and cost-efficient. But which channels and communication touchpoints should be used? What is the right mix of classic and digital communication channels, personal and virtual contacts? Which communication touchpoints can be used to optimally design the customer journey?

Communication research by intervista provides clarity here – depending on the questions and customer target group, by means of quantitative surveys or personal interviews, both in the B2C and B2B sectors. We investigate which forms of communication your customers accept, prefer and expect. If you want to optimise communication with your customers, start by contacting intervista.

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