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Quickly and easily interview panellists

Suitable participants for your survey

Would you like to design and programme your own online survey? Then you can use our panel for pure ‘sampling only’. We ensure that your questionnaire is technically connected to our software and we interview suitable participants from our panel according to your specifications. We take over the field management of the online survey (sampling, setting up and sending of invitation e-mails, answering contact requests) and carry out continuous quality and quota controls during the field phase.

The intervista Online-Panel comprises 120,000 registered participants on the B2C Panel throughout Switzerland and 35,000 decision-makers and managers in Swiss companies of all sizes on the B2B Panel.

Reliable data on any desired topic

Target groups from all sectors

Representative surveys in the B2C panel

We recruit representative samples for your online surveys via our online panel. This allows you to represent the experiences, needs and opinions of Swiss private individuals.

Patient panel

Among the 120,000 participants on our panel are target groups with a wide variety of health problems. A total of more than 50 complaints and chronic illnesses are covered. Special patient groups can thus be quickly and easily recruited for your market research studies in the healthcare/pharmaceutical sector.

Specific and hard-to-reach target groups

Would you like to carry out a study with early adopters, survey high-net-worth individuals, or find out how young househusbands deal with their everyday lives? This is possible with our panel – its size and extensive master data enable you to even survey rare or hard-to-reach population groups, such as, for example: early adopters, high-net-worth individuals (HNWI), patients, tradespeople, young mothers, teachers, senior citizens, owners of rare car brands, consumers and users of various products and services, IT decision-makers and online shoppers.

Survey of specialists and managers in the B2B panel

The search for suitable participants for studies in the B2B sector is often a challenge. With 35,000 executives and decision-makers, intervista offers you the largest B2B online panel in Switzerland. Whether managing directors, financial decision-makers, marketing managers, start-up founders or middle management – we always provide you with the right respondents from Swiss companies of all sizes and from all sectors, thus providing insights into the experiences and opinions of professionals and executives.

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