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Insights for organisations that make a difference

Non-profit organisations, NGOs, and foundations depend on a positive and broadest possible awareness of their cause, while operating in a complex environment with a wide variety of stakeholder groups and increasing demands for transparency. In addition, there are questions concerning the sustainable financing of a wide range of services. 

NPOs must not only identify their potential donors and reach them at the right time but also win over their confidence for the long term. Donors don’t simply want to donate money. They also want to be part of a community and see their support making an impact. 

Different expectations place high demands on the communication of NPOs, which should deliver apparent results with high efficiency. With insights from intervista, NPOs can continuously increase their reach and awareness, increase the visibility of their commitments, and establish an engaged community. 

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Our services for NPOs

Do you want to optimize your fundraising or your communication with various stakeholder groups? Do you want to know how your campaign is being received by the target audience and who is particularly willing to donate? 

We support you with custom-made solutions such as representative surveys on the perception and usability of the touchpoints throughout the donor journey, campaign pre-tests and impact analyses, research on brand recognition, or differentiated stakeholder and target audience analyses. 


Fonds für Verkehrssicherheit FVS
aha! Allergiezentrum Schweiz

Study on the donor journey of baby boomers

Studie zur Donor Journey der Babyboomer-Generation

How do you encourage the wealthy and loyal generation of baby boomers to donate money to a non-profit organisation? Which touchpoints best capture the attention of this target audience?

On behalf of Swiss Post, we conducted a comprehensive study on the donor journey and generated surprising insights. Learn more in the interview (in German) on the Swiss Post website. 

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