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Footprints Research Panel


Smartphone-based geolocation tracking

Track movement behaviour

Our Footprints panel includes 4,000 people who have installed the Footprints Research app on their smartphones. The app continuously records their whereabouts. It uses technologies such as triangulation of wifi and mobile networks, geofencing and beacons. Thanks to elaborate stratified recruitment, the panel is representative of the Swiss population. Participants give their consent in advance for their data to be used for research purposes, and as a thank-you for their willingness to share their personal data, participants receive a monthly bonus.

Not only is data measured via the app, but panellists can also be interviewed directly via their smartphone. For example, a survey can be triggered when someone is at a certain location. The survey data and the measurement data can be analysed in combination during data preparation.

Footprints Research Panel
Continuous tracking

Measurement data from the Footprints Panel

Footprints Research Heatmap

Thanks to the continuous Footprints measurement, which has been running for several years, intervista has generated a large treasure trove of data. The Footprints data can be used to answer extensive questions about the mobility, tourism and shopping behaviour of the Swiss population. In the field of advertising research, the data also provides insights into frequencies at poster sites and digital screens and, in combination with surveys, insights into the perception of posters, advertising screens and megaposters.

Linking measurement data with surveys

Location-dependent feedback

Footprints panelists can be invited to smartphone surveys when they are at or have visited a specific location. The survey is triggered either via beacons (small Bluetooth transmitters) or via geofencing. The respondents receive the invitation directly via push message on their smartphone. This offers a digital and cost-effective alternative to face-to-face interviews. In addition, this survey data can be enriched with measurement data (such as length of stay in branches or travel distance) for analysis.

Applications in different areas

Areas of application

The Footprints Panel is used in many research areas:


e.g. development of the mobility behaviour of the Swiss population


e.g. visitor structure analyses of destinations


e.g. reach and impact of posters)


e.g. analysis of shopping habits


e.g. smartphone survey after leaving a shop

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