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Here you will find an overview of all our downloadable information materials

Target Group Research
752.68 KB
Identifying target groups and their needs (in German)
Communication research
255.19 KB
Approaches for optimising your measures (in German)
Brand Research
307.65 KB
Create a bond with your customers (in German)
Price Research
306.26 KB
Successful thanks to the right pricing strategy (in German)
219.30 KB
Modern studio with full-wall one-way mirror (in German)
Advertising check
273.57 KB
Advertising test. Results after just one week (in German)
Company brochure
1.43 MB
An overview of our service areas (in German)
Health Panel
526.06 KB
Our Panel for your studies
Panel – ESOMAR 28
739.26 KB
Our answers to determining the quality of online panels
357.99 KB
Representative survey results in the shortest possible time.
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