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A great deal of empirical research is carried out at universities and university-related institutes – and this in a wide variety of subject areas. Most of the project steps are carried out internally, but researchers are often faced with the question of how to generate high-quality data. The choice of data source is crucial for the reliability and, consequently, the publishability of the results.

According to the study design, surveys via an online access pool (referred to in market research as an online access panel) are often the obvious choice. Since the universities themselves do not usually maintain such pools of sufficient size, an external provider is the source of choice.

Here, there must be confidence that the pool is operated by experts and well maintained, and that it meets all the quality standards of online panels. After all, study results are only as good as the data collected. With our large online panel, we have an excellent data source to implement representative studies for you with very large samples or in regionally restricted target areas.

Hochschule Marktforschung

Services for academic research

Hochschulen Dienstleistung

Especially in the academic field, surveys are often developed, programmed and analysed by the research team itself. For such study setups, so-called sampling only projects, intervista is also the right partner for you: We have years of experience in implementing such studies, where we attach the survey programmed by you to our online panel.

In academic research projects, the questionnaires can be complex in terms of content and difficult for respondents to answer. This can lead to increased dropout rates and biased results. With our expertise, we support you before data collection and consult with you on possible optimisations. Small details here can have a big impact on data quality.

On request, we also conduct qualitative and quantitative pretests to optimise the comprehensibility and fillability of the questionnaire and thus ensure the highest data quality.


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