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Customer Experience


Creating outstanding customer experiences

Customer centricity as a strategy for success

Customer experience is the totality of all experiences of customers with a brand or a company. It includes all remembered experiences – good and bad – that shape the perception of a brand or a company. Surprising and outstanding experiences generate loyal customers and even brand ambassadors. That is why more and more companies are putting their customers at the centre of their strategic and operational actions.

Customer Experience Design

Empirically based customer experience design

Customer Experience Design, Human Centered Design, Design Thinking or Service Design are on everyone’s lips. These terms describe a process of developing new offers or improving existing offers in which the customer is consistently placed at the centre. Work is often done in interdisciplinary teams. The goal is to develop products and services that differentiate your company from the competition on the market.

The key to success is the right customer model, i.e. a realistic one. intervista consistently builds on the latest behavioural economics findings. We know about the predictable irrationality of customers. We use this knowledge to systematically create added value for you as a client.

We support you with customised studies to empirically design or optimise customer experiences. We answer questions such as: What do customers experience with your company, from the perception of your advertising, to the use of your offers and support services, to switching to a higher-quality offer? Where can you inspire your customers or stand out positively from the competition? At which touchpoints, in which decision-making situations are customers open to up- and cross-selling? Do you know where the pain points are from the customer’s point of view and how you can improve them?

What possibilities does intervista offer for customer experience design?

In customer experience projects, we combine our profound market research knowledge with our many years of experience in customer experience design in various industries.

We work in an interdisciplinary team throughout the project: the relevant people in your company should be involved in the process so that the starting point is clear and there is a high level of commitment to the implementation. By using different methods, we put “the customer glasses” on all those involved right from the start of the project.

The basis for developing a better and differentiating customer experience is provided by comprehensive market research: we examine all or part of the customer journey with new and existing customers. We use methods such as touchpoint analyses, mystery studies, scavenger hunts, co-creation, online diaries and online communities. In this way, we gain deep insights into today’s customer experience or drive innovations directly in exchange with customers – for example with innovators, early adopters or heavy users – close to their needs. In parallel, we create a solid basis for prioritising improvement measures through quantitative surveys. We often use experimental designs, for example, to test the attractiveness of different product offers or different variants of price communication before they are used in real operations.

Along the customer journey

We research what customers actually experience and depict this as an emotion curve along the customer journey.

For the example company, there is a clear need for improvement in the search for information on the website (2), in the commissioning of the products (7) and in the cancellation process (14).

Together with the project team, we find out where the most important moments of truth lie along the customer journey, i.e. where do we expect to have the greatest influence on customer acquisition, retention or win-back as well as recommendation? For these moments, we create measures together in the project team, for example in the form of storyboards or business model canvases.

Even after the development of ideas, we support the implementation of measures with mind-setting and evaluation tools to keep the focus on customer centricity, for example through customer journey mapping, jobs-to-be-done, personas and usability testing. Or we accompany you during and after the launch with communication tests (pre- and posttests), real-time feedback, customer trials, satisfaction measurements or KPI monitoring.

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Isabella Bertschi
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