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Major challenges for the media industry

Research findings for the digital age

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Rapid digitisation and the market power of the tech giants have dramatically changed the environment for the media industry. While the new technical possibilities offer opportunities for innovative new offers, distribution channels and revenue sources, traditional business models are being questioned or have already collapsed. Only media providers who do not merely react to these changes, but anticipate them, understand them deeply and actively shape them through clever strategies can survive in this challenging environment and successfully exploit market opportunities.

Even if users can be reached via more and more digital channels and parallel media use is increasing: The attention of users is and remains a scarce commodity for which a multitude of providers vie – with gripping journalism, diverse entertainment and attractive forms of advertising. The better one understands the needs, interests and concrete media usage behaviour of the various target groups, the better one succeeds in actually addressing them, be it to generate reach or as paying customers. Methodologically sound media research by intervista provides you with the relevant insights.

Media and advertising research at a glance

Our expertise


we examine on a representative basis which content and formats are popular and how, which platforms are becoming established and on which devices the usage takes place – and show, for example, how strikingly the young generation differs from the older generation in this respect. Based on these research results, strategies and concrete offers are developed to remain relevant for this generation.


we determine the potential of new concepts. How should the offer be designed to appeal to the target group? Which name and which design are best suited? Where are the pain points and enthusiasm factors? What is the willingness to pay for and how pronounced is it? With our broad methodological portfolio, we can investigate such questions in a well-founded manner.


we measure which brands have positioned themselves successfully. In the age of technical and content convergence, building strong, distinctive media brands is more important than ever before. Our research tracks the success of measures and identifies optimisation potential.


we show what works. We prove the performance of advertising forms and channels, we test the effectiveness of advertising media in advance, we track the success of campaigns. To do this, we combine proven research techniques with innovative measurement methods.

The right research offer for your needs

With our large, representative online panel, our expertise in mixed-mode studies, our custom IT solutions as well as our methodically experienced and customer-oriented approach, we meet the highest quality standards in media research – and prove it every day. As a data collection and know-how partner for the leading media research institutions in Switzerland and as a full service provider for …

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