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Dank Forschungserkenntnissen erfolgreich in die Zukunft

Saturated markets, rapid product life cycles, major price wars between established and new market players: Companies in the retail and consumer goods sector face many challenges. However, digitisation is leading to fundamental changes – in marketing, production and distribution, but also in consumer information, purchasing and usage behaviour. Only companies that not only react to these changes, but anticipate them, understand them in depth and actively shape them with intelligent strategies can survive in this challenging environment and successfully exploit market opportunities.

For this, solid market research is essential. Although increasing amounts of data are available from the increasingly digitised touchpoints, these are often limited to the company’s own customer base or individual areas and do not provide a complete picture of existing and potential customers.

Relevant answers to your research questions

What customer journeys result from the interaction between traditional and new information and purchasing channels? How does this change the customer experience? How do brand perception, image and customer loyalty develop? What is the role of the fixed point of sale (POS) and online presence? What are the key points of contact and how can they be improved most effectively?

What influence do social developments and trends have on the personal values and specific purchasing behaviour of customers? How does this affect the demand for existing products?

Which innovations offer the greatest potential? Which concept is best received? And which product and brand characteristics can sustainably increase willingness to pay and customer loyalty?

Thanks to our extensive methodological portfolio of proven and innovative quantitative and qualitative approaches – combined with our sector expertise – we generate well-founded insights that are relevant to your questions.

Relevante Antworten auf Ihre Forschungsfragen

The results of our research are used in the following areas

Category management
Product management
Innovation management
Marketing strategy
Brand management


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