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Research for the health market of the future

The healthcare market in Switzerland is growing and becoming more complex due to increasing legal and regulatory requirements, new technologies and higher cost pressure from the authorities and insurers. At the same time, the focus is increasingly shifting from cure to prevention and the individual patient is becoming more and more the centre of attention. How can your company position itself against the competition in this complex market environment? How can it become even more patient-oriented? We provide you with well-founded insights into your questions with the inclusion of the stakeholders relevant to you: from doctors and nurses to patients and consumers.

Market research in the healthcare sector is challenging and requires special know-how and experience. For example, special guidelines in connection with pharmacovigilance must be taken into account and special data protection requirements must be met, as personal health data are considered particularly worthy of protection. Sensitivity is required when addressing the different target groups. We understand the language of healthcare professionals and patients and know how to address sensitive issues.

Recruiting survey participants is also often a challenge in the healthcare sector. In many cases, however, we can count on the intervista Online-Panel – in addition to the usual sources such as CRM data from your customers or address registers. This allows us to reach even difficult target groups such as doctors and pharmacists or patients with specific diseases.


Surveys of doctors and pharmacists

Doctors and pharmacists are important target groups for pharmaceutical companies, as they actively use, prescribe or recommend the products and medicines. In our studies with doctors and pharmacists, for example, aspects of the products, communication with the pharmaceutical company, cooperation with consultants or general satisfaction with the company and any competitors are examined.

Patient and customer surveys

How satisfied are the patients and customers? What are the needs and wishes for medicines, for hospital stays and for visits to pharmacies? How and where is information obtained and how important are the various sources of information such as websites, recommendations from acquaintances and friends, etc.? With patient and customer surveys, we can answer such questions and provide our clients with a sound basis for decision-making.


Representative population surveys

How are health trends developing? How high is the population’s willingness to vaccinate? How well known are individual OTC products? How good is the image of pharmaceutical companies or pharmacy chains? Representative population surveys can be used to investigate such questions and provide well-founded answers. They provide insights into social developments as well as relevant information on the perception of companies and products. For example, our studies in the OTC sector often answer questions about awareness, image, prices or packaging.


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