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Basic studies for effective market development

Understanding consumers and markets

A good understanding of how consumers think, feel and act is a basic prerequisite for a company to position itself successfully with its products and services in the respective market. Usage & Attitude studies are a proven tool for building a deeper understanding of consumers. At the centre of a U&A study are the consumers with their individual needs, attitudes, habits, usage patterns and behavioural intentions in everyday life. Such studies thus enable much deeper and more comprehensive insights than, for example, own sales figures and industry statistics.

Typical U&A questions

Who? What? When? Where? How?


Which consumers use our offers and those of our competitors? What is the composition of the clientele in terms of socio-demographics, interests and consumer behaviour?


Which products, services and brands in the respective category are most used used? How do we compare to the competition?


When, how often and on what occasions are the different products used? What do consumers expect from the product in the respective situation? What “job” does the product do for consumers? Which brands succeed best in this?


Where are the products used? Are there different needs and preferences at home and on the go? Which products and brands are used at the different places of use?


How does the customer decide on a product or service? How are the products actually used? Which product features are central to this? With which improvements or new offers can we fulfil consumer needs even better and thus gain a competitive advantage?

Areas of application

Take advantage of the head start in knowledge


Focus your marketing planning on the current market situation. Focus on the most promising products and customer segments.


Address the real needs and motives of consumers and show how and why your offer serves them better.


Identify market opportunities early. Use the insights in which areas and in which segments the customer needs are not yet optimally fulfilled by the offer currently available on the market. Fill these gaps first with innovative optimisations or new launches.

Usage Studien Forschungsdesign

Tailor-made research design

Depending on the target market, product category, target groups and existing knowledge, a different research design will result. With our extensive experience and comprehensive method portfolio of quantitative and qualitative approaches, we develop a research design for you that produces clear, actionable results.

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