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Research enables progress

Our research for the public sector includes market and social research projects for the federal government, cantons, municipalities and various institutions and organisations serving the Swiss population. In our research projects for these institutions, we collect precise data – on society in general or on specific stakeholders and interest groups. The studies record and quantify attitudes, needs, decision-making processes and behaviour. Measurements of the status quo and its development serve as a basis for planning programmes and measures. With formative evaluations, we continuously support their effectiveness, while summative evaluations monitor success and in turn provide insights for future activities. Last but not least, the research projects also support social and political discourse. In short: research enables progress.

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Social research projects

Meeting the highest demands

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Regardless of the research subject, all research projects commissioned by the public sector have one thing in common: they place the highest demands on methodological competence, the representativeness of the samples studied, the scientific nature of the survey and analysis methods, the management of the often complex project organisation, and the communication and coordination with various stakeholders.

Since its foundation, intervista has been committed to meeting the highest quality and research standards. Our broad-based and interdisciplinary workforce, our in-depth technical know-how and our wide range of methods enable us to make the most of our strengths in challenging projects. Originally known primarily for our large, high-quality online panel, we are now equally valued for designing and conducting mixed-mode surveys, for conducting resident surveys, for our custom IT solutions and for cutting-edge digital research solutions that amplify data science with artificial intelligence. Driven by our passion for quality and innovation, we have become a trusted research partner to the public sector in recent years.


Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz
Kanton Zürich
Schweizer Eidgenossenschaft
BFU - Beratungsstelle für Unfallverhütung

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Methods, Offers, Studies

Covid-19 mobility monitoring study

The mobility behaviour of the Swiss population has changed significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On behalf of the Statistical Office of the Canton of Zurich, the Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force, the Swiss Federal Statistical Office and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s (ETH) Economic Research Unit, we conducted a mobility tracking of the Swiss population.

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Methods, Offers, Studies

Study Satisfaction in Swiss Municipalities 2020

Between February and November 2020, 10,040 people living in Switzerland were asked about their satisfaction with their municipality.

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