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From customer segmentation to the creation of personas

Identify target groups and needs

Zielgruppe Beduerfnisse

Who are my customers? For whom do I develop my product? For whom do I design my campaign? Who do I target with my advice?

These questions occupy most companies in product development, marketing and sales. The greater the knowledge about one’s own customers and their needs, the more targeted the customers can be reached and advised and the more precisely the offers can be tailored to their needs.

What possibilities does intervista offer for target group analyses?

On the one hand, a target group analysis allows you to get to know your own customers better. On the other hand, target group analysis also offers the opportunity to learn more about your competitors’ customers. Through our intervista Online-Panel, you also have the opportunity to gain insights into your competitors’ customers and thus develop potential new target groups for your company. intervista accompanies you from the conception to the implementation and evaluation of the study to the development of measures for the various target groups, e.g. the selection of the right sales channels or the appropriate approach.

Target group analyses can be carried out with both qualitative and quantitative market research studies:

Quantitative data collection

Online surveys form the basis for customer segmentation. Through advanced analysis methods, we create differentiated target group profiles for you. The target group profiles found can then be described in detail to best identify and understand the profiles.

Quantitative and qualitative data

complement each other optimally: The quantitative analysis provides a statistically solid support for the target groups, while the enrichment with qualitative data creates authenticity and a concrete common idea about the target groups in the company.

Qualitative data collection

Online/offline diaries or in-depth interviews, e.g. ethnographic interviews are used to give a vivid description of the target groups. They form the basis for so-called “personas“. A persona combines the prototypical characteristics and action patterns of a target group on a virtual person. Personas are very useful for product development, marketing and sales because they are concrete and tangible in that they illustrate a target group and thus create a common idea within the company.

The key to efficient marketing measures

Target group analysis through segmentation

Zielgrupppenanalyse Segmentierung

Understanding customers better and addressing them more specifically, for example through product improvements or communication measures, is the focus of target group analyses using segmentation approaches.

As an example of such target group segmentation, we will show you how Swissmilk uses it to represent the interests of Swiss milk producers.

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Dominique Richner
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