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Committed to the environment and society

Our contribution

Environmental, social, and economic sustainability is important to us. That is why we take our responsibility seriously for a healthy planet and a healthy company culture.

Enabling Sustainable Decisions

Through our research, we are laying the foundation for corporate and political decisions that can contribute to a sustainable future, e.g., market research studies on innovative and sustainable products and services as well as the promotion of sustainable lifestyles.

intervista Webinar Strukturgleichungsmodelle und Kundenzufriedenheit
Nachhaltigkeit: langfristige Planung

Long-Term Planning

Since its foundation, the owner-managed company intervista has shown steady organic growth. This consistency constitutes an essential component for the continuity of the team and management and fosters a space for thoughtful decisions.


We strive for a long-term and sustainable cooperation with our customers and suppliers. That is why we are committed to fair and partnership-based relationships and transparent approaches.

Nachhaltigkeit: Transparenz
Wertschätzung und Chancengleichheit

Appreciation and Equal Opportunities

intervista is committed to equality and promotes careers for all genders with equal pay. We are also committed to diversity and inclusion. Through openness and mutual respect, we create an appreciative and non-discriminatory workplace environment in which a wide variety of abilities and competencies are encouraged.

Energy Consumption

We operate our office infrastructure exclusively with eco-electricity. When purchasing new devices, we pay attention to environmental criteria and low energy consumption. According to the latest energy standards, our offices are equipped with thermal insulation and thermal insulation glazing, therefore optimized for energy savings.



En route, most of our employees use bicycles and public transportation, and we encourage the use of public transportation with contributions to our employees’ travel cards. We only use all-electric vehicles as company cars.

Digital Workspace

We believe in a paperless office, and this not only saves raw materials, ink, and toner, but above all water. The production of a standard sheet of paper in DIN A4 format consumes around 10 liters of water.

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Sustainable Incentive

Our panelists can donate their earned bonus points through survey participation for a good cause like a charity organization or protecting the environment by having a tree planted. Together with its panelists, intervista plants more than 60,000 trees per year, which together covers an area of approximately 5 km² or 700 soccer fields. On average, mature trees absorb 10 kilograms of CO₂ per year, which means that 60,000 trees capture 600 tons of CO₂ each year.

Practical training for young talents

intervista regularly offers internships in the field of project management at its Bern and Zurich locations for graduates. In this way, intervista is committed to socially sustainable and practice-oriented training in the industry and offers young motivated talents the opportunity for an ideal career start.


Member of swisscleantech

intervista is a member of the Swiss business association swisscleantech. Together with around 600 other climate-conscious companies, we are committed to a sustainable Swiss economy and are helping to ensure that Switzerland will be CO₂-neutral by 2050 at the latest.

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