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For a healthy planet

Our contribution

Sustainability and environmental protection are important to us. That is why we are committed to fulfilling our responsibility as a company for a healthy planet.

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Plant trees

Together with its panellists, intervista plants over 60,000 trees per year, which together cover an area of approximately 5 km² or 700 football fields. Mature trees absorb an average of 10 kilograms of CO2 per year, which means that 60,000 trees bind 600 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Energy consumption

We operate our office infrastructure exclusively with green electricity. When purchasing new equipment, we pay attention to environmental criteria and low energy consumption. And our offices, renovated according to the latest energy standards, are equipped with thermal insulation and thermal glazing and thus optimised for energy savings.



Most of our employees use bicycles and public transport, and we promote the use of public transport by contributing to the season tickets of our employees. As company cars, we only use fully electric vehicles that are charged with green electricity.

Digital Workspace

We rely on a paperless office and thus not only save raw materials, ink and toner, but above all water. After all, the production of a typical sheet of A4 paper consumes about 10 litres of water.

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