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Know the customers

Gain comprehensive insights about customers

It is a truism – and yet it is always important to keep in mind: Customer surveys are one of the most important tools that companies use to get to know their customer base, for example by finding out who their customers are in the first place, how they use products and services, how satisfied they are with them or why they (don’t) buy them.

Only companies that know their customers as well as their needs and behaviour well can design communication, products and marketing in line with the target group in order to retain existing customers in the long term and win new customers in substantial proportions.

Due to this central importance, customer surveys must meet particularly high standards of data quality. In order for the results to be meaningful and important business decisions to be based on them, expertise in all steps of the corresponding research project is very important.


Choose the right survey design for your customer survey with us

In principle, the design of a customer survey study begins, as is often the case in empirical research, with the most important W-questions: What is to be researched? Why is this topic important for gaining customer knowledge? Who is the target group? How do we obtain data that is representative of the target group? intervista supports you in answering all these questions and in developing an optimal study design. We work with you to develop the right content to answer your questions, define the target groups with you and ensure a methodologically correct study setup. Our expertise also enables us to weigh up the pros and cons of different data collection methods. Only then will the results enable you to draw the right conclusions from your customer survey and initiate appropriate measures.

Conceiving the right study design despite complexity

Who? Asking the right people

“Customer survey” is a very general term to begin with. Companies can serve other companies (B2B) or private individuals (B2C) with their products and services. While the decision for B2C or B2B is usually still obvious, it often becomes more difficult when it comes to the detailed definition of the respondents. There can be big differences in the respective target groups – is the general offer or specific parts of it aimed at older people, families, wealthy people, digital affines, for example? Or is there even no knowledge here yet, and the target group should only be determined by the study? Generally speaking, the results of a study are only meaningful if the “right” people are interviewed.

How? Choose the right data collection method

In principle, the data collection method should not be the main focus, as it is only the “means to an end” – namely, to collect valid data. Nevertheless, some methods are tempting because they promise inexpensive and quick results. This primarily refers to online studies. This is also the most commonly used data collection method at intervista. But we pay very close attention to whether it is the right one in the case at hand. Sometimes target groups with a sufficient sample size are better reached in person, by telephone or by post, sometimes mixed mode, i.e. a mix of several data collection methods, is also suitable for representative data.

What and why? Define the right questions

At the beginning of a customer survey there is usually a question that a company would like to have answered. This can relate to the entire customer experience chain, from the perception of the company’s own products to the question of why the products are (not) bought, to aspects of use, to the decision to choose again or to turn to a competitor.

What would you like to know more about?

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