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Understanding what drives society

Social research and population surveys

To produce high-quality bases for decision-making for authorities and institutions as well as valid data for research and the public, intervista combines digital and classic survey methods into a modern approach.

As a competent research partner, we enable our customers to transition to efficient, digital social research. Based on excellent methodological knowledge and modern technologies, our specialists develop customized solutions. We design studies and questionnaires, conduct online, written and mixed-mode surveys, prepare the data, generate insights, create PowerPoint summaries and write reports.

In addition to mailed or digital invitation procedures with customer or register addresses, our online panel with more than 120,000 people throughout Switzerland is also available for population surveys. The panel not only reaches private individuals (B2C panel), but it also offers a unique pool of company specialists and executives throughout Switzerland (B2B panel). For an efficient handling of projects, we program both online questionnaires and apps to ensure that projects are conducted.

Sozialforschung mit intervista
Comprehensive and of the highest quality

Our services at a glance

As a full-service provider, we are the reliable partner for social research in the public sector as well as for universities and colleges. We offer all research services from a single source. We are committed to the highest quality standards and make the best possible use of our in-depth methodological and technological know-how.

Modern social research with intervista

3 questions for Dr. Marcus Roller

Marcus Roller Intervista

What does intervista mean by “modern social research?”
Marcus Roller: Of all the developments shaping the way empirical research is conducted, digitization has undeniably the strongest impact. This development does not stop at social research. Modern social research is characterized by the fact that it recognizes the potential of this change and also understands how to take advantage of the far-reaching opportunities offered by digitization in an innovative and efficient way.

What are the challenges?
Marcus Roller: Digitization is a very nuanced development. Not all solutions are suitable for all clients. In-depth knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of this development is all the more important. As a full-service provider with many years of experience in social and market research, data science, and the development of digital products, we can rely on extensive methodological and technological know-how and support our clients with a wide variety of services.

How does the collaboration with intervista work in social research projects?
Marcus Roller: Every project is unique. Depending on the client’s needs, we support both the designing and conducting of research projects. We develop individual solutions based on digital and classical methods that meet the highest quality standards. Depending on the project requirements, we put together the ideal project team internally from the areas of methodology and technology. In social research projects, I am the main contact person for our clients.

Dr. Marcus Roller is Head of Social Research at intervista.


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Marcus Roller
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