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High quality

Our intervista Online Panel

The intervista Online Panel comprises more than 120,000 active persons in the B2C panel and 35,000 decision-makers and executives in Swiss companies of all sizes in the B2B panel.

intervista has unique recruitment opportunities in Switzerland that allow it to reach very broad sections of the Swiss online population. This includes recruitment in customer bases of large Swiss companies as well as recruitment through paper and telephone surveys.

Our Online Panel covers the whole of German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland as well as Ticino. This means you always get the right target groups for your market research study – from all over Switzerland. Be it for population-representative samples or special target groups for quantitative online surveys or for the recruitment of suitable participants for qualitative studies, such as personal interviews, focus groups or online diaries. In addition to carrying out full service research projects in the intervista Online Panel, Sampling Only projects are also possible.

More than 120,000 participants

Our B2C panel

Intervista B2C Panel

Through our B2C panel with more than 120,000 active participants, you can reach private individuals from all walks of life in Switzerland who can provide answers to your questions.

Your access to B2B target groups

Our B2B panel

Our B2B panel allows you to reach 35,000 decision-makers and executives in Swiss companies of almost all sizes. Access to this hard-to-reach target group allows you to gain insights into the use of products and service offerings for companies as well as business decisions across a wide range of sectors.

Our B2B panel covers all sectors of the economy, with the ability to select by 30 different industries, company size and function within the company.

Intervista B2B Panel
Valid results thanks to high quality

Panel and data quality

Panel quality is of utmost importance to us and meets the highest standards. intervista ensures the quality of the online surveys with extensive data cleaning methods:

Monitoring of individual completion time, sample answerers (e.g. straight-lining), answer quality and quantity in open questions
Permanent removal of dubious respondents from the sample pool
Permanent quality control of the panel guarantees excellent data quality

The data protection of our panel participants is particularly important to us. intervista therefore complies in all respects with Swiss data protection regulations and the guidelines of the industry associations (ESOMAR and Swiss Insights).

Certified quality

ISO certification

intervista is certified as a full-service provider and as an access panel provider according to the international standard ISO 20252:2019 and meets the high requirements of the ISO certification body. The ISO 20252 standard is specifically tailored to the quality management of market research institutes and deals in particular with requirements for quality and project management, the handling of conceptual research aspects, methodology, requirements for data collection, data management, data processing and reporting.

You will find further information on ISO certification 20252:2019 on the website of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Visit the ISO Website
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