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For an industry in transition

Relevant findings for the financial industry

Versicherung Branche Wandel

The finance and insurance industry is undergoing a major upheaval. In addition to the challenges posed by persistently low interest rates, the resulting cost pressure and stricter regulations, it has to cope with the diverse opportunities offered by digitalisation. Banks are already clearly feeling the competition from new companies, some of them from outside the industry, and insurance companies are confronted with new competitors who work purely with digital technologies in their insurance services. At the same time, digitalisation offers banks and insurance companies many opportunities. It makes it possible to simplify processes, sharpen the service portfolio and tailor it even more specifically to the needs of target groups. This allows to strengthen the loyalty of existing customers and tap into new earnings potential. Especially in the finance and insurance industry, however, it is very challenging to differentiate oneself from the competition through products and services. Nuances in the customer experience and trust in the brand make a big difference. This makes solid and reliable market research data all the more important. With our years of industry expertise, we provide you with the insights you need to grow your business and increase customer satisfaction with your products, services and digital technologies.

For complex products and services

Our expertise

Market research for the insurance and financial industry requires a lot of expertise. Frequently, questions about complex products and services are to be investigated, but customers usually only deal with them very superficially in everyday life. The average customer wants to deal with these topics as little as possible. It is therefore all the more important that your surveys on these topics are well designed and that they are really understandable for the respondents. This is the only way to obtain valid data. Experience in the conception of questionnaires and the possibility to assess a questionnaire in advance – e.g. by means of pretests – also from the customer’s point of view, is therefore crucial for such studies. With intervista as your market research partner, you can count on experienced researchers who will provide you with honest, competent and reliable advice at every stage of the project.

Many of the largest financial services and insurance companies in Switzerland are among our long-standing clients. We conduct studies for these clients on a wide range of topics. With empirically based image studies with benchmarks, we help you to understand your position in the market and with different target groups and to identify and exploit opportunities for differentiation. Our Usage & Attitude studies allow you to build a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs, habits and behavioural intentions. And with studies on digital offers, we provide you with the relevant insights so that you can offer your customers a seamless transition between online and offline channels.

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