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Customised software

Thanks to our many years of experience in online market research, we have a distinct competence in the use of digital solutions for your market research needs. We use market-leading software products that guarantee the implementation of your studies according to the latest technical standards and the highest quality standards. However, especially in the case of complex studies, the standard features of these software products do not meet all requirements. In these cases, we implement customised special programming. These serve, for example, to make the process and the answering of a survey as pleasant and simple as possible for the study participants, in order to achieve an optimal willingness to complete the survey and a high data quality. Or we integrate external interfaces for plausibility and quality checks, the feeding of supplementary information or the real-time transmission of collected data to your systems. We implement these custom features completely in-house with our competent IT team according to your requirements.

At the same time, we have our own innovative software solutions, which can be adapted to your requirements and allow you to take the next step in the digitalisation and optimisation of your market research processes. With our sampling application, we can connect your customer surveys to your CRM system, automate them and reduce manual effort to a minimum. And with our geolocation tracking software Footprints Research, we measure the movement patterns of your target group and survey them specifically.

At a glance

Our IT competence

Highest standards

We programme with the latest technical possibilities and according to the highest quality standards.

Customised solutions

We use market-leading software products, combined with tailor-made custom features on request.

Geolocation Tracking

With the Footprints Research app and our Mobile Tracking Panel, we can create exact movement patterns of various target groups.


Analyse your data at any time and from any device.

Customer panel software

Manage your customer panel with our customer panel software solutions.

Automated survey solutions

We implement fully automated customer survey solutions linked to your CRM for you.

Custom domains and mail delivery with maximum deliverability

With our professional e-mail delivery servers, we guarantee the highest deliverability for your survey invitations, with your domain as the sender and for survey access, if desired.

Data protection and IT security

We attach great importance to compliance with data protection regulations and the highest IT security standards in the development and operation of our software applications.

Digital campaign measurement

With our ad tracking solution, we measure the exposure to digital campaigns and interview the online users with regards to the impact of the digital ads.

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Christoph Wüthrich
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