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Health already has an enormously high status in today’s society, and the importance of physical and mental fitness and one’s own well-being continues to increase. At the same time, a digitalisation of medicine and health is taking place. Smartwatches, sports wristbands or other wearable devices that record physical performance and health values are already widespread. The increasing digital affinity of patients and a healthcare system that continues to become more complex also require many changes from health insurance companies. With a continuously growing range of services, they must offer their customers advice and guidance, ensure high quality and keep costs under control. At the same time, they can increasingly position themselves as mediators between their customers and the health system and become their customers’ companions in a modern health culture. In addition, they can differentiate themselves in the market, especially through supplementary insurance and further offers such as health coaches and apps. However, it is important that these offers are developed very precisely in line with the needs and requirements of the customers. With a lot of industry expertise, intervista provides you with the relevant insights into your customers that you need in order to be able to offer services that are truly tailored to their needs.

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How satisfied are our customers? How good is our image? Is our advertising effective? How is the NPS developing? How high is the interest in new supplementary insurances or in supplementary offers? These are typical questions asked by health insurance companies, which we usually answer with quantitative and qualitative methods for our clients in the health insurance industry. intervista supports many well-known health insurance companies in Switzerland with market research projects to answer specific questions as well as systematic tracking studies on topics such as customer satisfaction, awareness, image, NPS and advertising perception.



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Methods, Offers, Studies

Sanitas Health Forecast 2021

What do Swiss people care about when it comes to health? What are their wishes and hopes, worries and fears? The new edition of the Sanitas Health Forecast Study 2021 provides answers – this time the focus is on the four topics of body, mind, sexuality and environment.

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Methods, Offers, Studies

Brand Trends 2021

The brand trends of recent years have become even more pronounced. In the largest Swiss brand perception study, Swiss consumers are even more in favour of digital products and services, sustainable products and labels, and alternative forms of nutrition.

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Methods, Offers, Studies

A comparison of explicit vs. implicit measuring

How do the results of explicit and implicit measurement procedures differ? In the study “Beauty Ideal of Today” we examine whether the results of explicit and implicit measurement procedures differ.

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