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How satisfied are the residents? What do they perceive as the most urgent problems and challenges? And what are their expectations of the authorities? A residents’ survey provides a picture of the current mood of the population in municipalities, cities, districts, cantons and Switzerland as a whole. It provides a valuable decision-making basis for prioritising options for action and is thus an important tool for authorities and politicians in determining measures and the sustainable improvement of the public service. With a resident survey, they can enter into dialogue with the residents, identify their needs in a targeted manner and allow the population to participate even better in the political process. Methodologically, intervista usually conducts resident surveys online or mixed-mode (online in combination with paper-pencil). The results can be compared with the comprehensive intervista benchmarks. For example, it is possible to analyse how resident satisfaction compares to other municipalities of a similar size.

Dialog mit einwohnern
At a glance

Your added value

Dialog mit einwohnern
  • Strengthen the dialogue with the residents
  • Obtain well-founded insights for political decision
  • Recognise concrete need for action
  • Test the effectiveness of measures
  • Improve the attractiveness of the location
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