intervista has modern, centrally located test rooms in Bern, offering an optimal environment for focus groups, usability tests, in-depth interviews/exploration, workshops and product tests.

The test studio is fitted with a full-wall one-way mirror, allowing you as the client to directly follow the progress of your study from the adjacent observation room. There is also optional audio and video transmission, including recording of group and individual discussions.


Our equipment comprises:

Multi-functional test room with full-wall one-way mirror

Separate observation room

Digital recording of interviews using our equipment (camera, microphones)

Live sound transmission

Beamer and screen


The test studio can also be rented and is fully available to external organisations, with support personnel.

We would be delighted to support you with regard to any organisational or content issues. On request, we also take on field assignments and coordinate your market research focus groups, including surveys, allowing you to fully concentrate on your research activities

Your contact partner:
Réka Farkas
+ 41 31 511 39 07