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Focus Group

The focus group is a guided, moderated discussion with 4 to 10 carefully selected participants. This qualitative research method comes into play when different facets of a topic need to be explored quickly. Advertisements, prototypes of concepts and services or packaging can be tested. On the other hand, the method is used to gain initial insights into attitudes, motives, decision criteria or buying/using behaviour. Focus groups are particularly suitable if the survey is to benefit from group dynamics, e.g. to discuss different attitudes and experiences of consumers, in innovation or creativity workshops, to investigate social influence in purchasing processes and much more.

What types of focus groups are there?


In co-creation studies, for example, study participants design new products or further develop existing ones, while customer satisfaction studies focus on identifying pain and pleasure points along the customer journey.


In the “World Café” method, study participants work together in several small groups of 3-4 people and work on a block of topics. The groups are then rotated and ideas and content are further developed based on the results of the previous group.


If performance components of a product are to be prioritised, “card sorting” is suitable.


“Empathy maps” are used to gain a better understanding of the target group.


For concept or product tests, the “Well-being North-Star” method generates a variety of meaningful insights.

We also offer focus groups via video conferencing, the advantage of which is that participants can take part regardless of location.

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