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Sanitas Health Forecast 2021

Sanitas Health Forecast 2021

What do Swiss people care about when it comes to health? What are their wishes and hopes, worries and fears? The new edition of the Sanitas Health Forecast Study 2021 provides answers – this time the focus is on the four topics of body, mind, sexuality and environment.

Our general interest in health is rising sharply. This is one of the developments that can be documented by the Sanitas Health Forecast 2021 study. For the second time, the Sanitas Health Forecast presents exciting insights into the health of the future. For this purpose, we used the intervista online panel to ask 2,000 Swiss people from all age groups and parts of the country about their thoughts, wishes and concerns in the areas of body, mind, sexuality and environment. The Sanitas Health Forecast presents the results and builds on them: The results have been incorporated into futuristic reports, insightful conversations with experts and touching portraits. More information on the Sanitas Health Forecast 2021 is available at Sanitas.

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What will our health look like in the future? The annual Sanitas Health Forecast provides answers to this question on more than 400 pages. The results of the study and many additional articles on the most important topics can be found exclusively in the new Sanitas Health Forecast.

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