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Geolocation Mobile Research

Location-Based Mobile Research - Insights directly from the ski slope

In their article “Insights directly from the ski slope“, Beat Fischer and Felix Bernet, members of the management of intervista AG, show the possible uses and advantages of location-based mobile research using the example of winter sports tourism.

“A freezing cold, windy morning in Basel at the beginning of December, Mr M. pulls his cap deep into his face…”


Source: Swiss Insights Report, Alpnach, 2020, pages 22 to 23. Authors: Beat Fischer and Felix Bernet, members of the Executive Board, intervista AG. Further information on the Swiss Insights Report.

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Footprints Panel and Location Based Mobile Research

intervista operates the location tracking panel “Footprints”, in which the whereabouts of participating persons are continuously recorded. This creates an ever-growing treasure trove of tracking data on travel and leisure behaviour, which is analysed in combination with profile data. Location-based mobile surveys are also possible, e.g. at a cable car station in a ski resort.

The Footprints survey system is based not only on triangulation via mobile phone and WiFi networks, but also on technologies such as geofencing and beacons. New location data from the 3,000 panellists are continuously added using the Footprints app. This creates an ever larger basis for increasingly precise behavioural analyses, which the intervista researchers combine with surveyed profile data. This enables them to gain new, detailed insights, for example in the area of out-of-home advertising research or on shopping and mobility behaviour.

The heat maps of the aggregated movement data show, for example, the catchment areas of winter sports destinations. It is also interesting to know which other destinations are visited by the respective guests. With location-based mobile research, the panellists can be invited to surveys via push message and thus, for example, the receptiveness to advertising and the advertising attention in ski resorts can be researched. The combination of tracking and profile data is also interesting for advertisers and destinations. For example, the average household income of visitors to winter sports destinations can be shown.

Beat Fischer
Beat Fischer
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