A Tool from the Area of Customer Experience Design

The customer journey map is a tool from the area of customer experience design. The steps customers move through with a product, service or company are presented in this way – e.g. perceiving, getting information, ordering, paying, getting assistance, cancelling/changing. For every step of the customer journey the touchpoints are outlined, i.e. the points where the customer comes into contact with the company (e.g. website, hotline, newsletter) as well as the customer experience (emotion curve). This enables us to deduce explicit and non-explicit customer requirements and demands as a starting point for the development or improvement of products and services.

The basis for the content of the customer journey map is customer knowledge – either that which is already available among the company’s employees or that which comes from market research studies. The customer journey map helps in systemizing this customer knowledge. Of course intervista also offers planning and implementation services for such market research studies with the help of our platform cXplore. Yet we also go beyond this and provide support throughout the entire customer journey or customer experience study, advising you on the entire process and carrying out workshops with the project team - from preparation to assistance with implementing measures.