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Study Advertising Effect Post

Study Advertising Effect Post

How analogue are the Swiss on the move and how digital are they? Which advertising channels are paid attention to and to what extent, and on which media does advertising have a particularly disruptive effect? Where do Mr. and Mrs. Swiss inform themselves and on which channels must advertising be distributed in order to trigger the strongest buying impulses? These and many other questions are answered by our advertising impact study, which we conducted on behalf of Swiss Post in an online survey of the population in German- and French-speaking Switzerland and which was published in spring 2020.

The detailed report can be obtained from Swiss Post’s DirectPoint knowledge platform.




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Marianne Binggeli intervista Team

Interview on the advertising impact study in Werbewoche.ch

In an interview with Werbewoche.ch, our project manager Marianne Binggeli talks about the methodology of the advertising impact study on different forms of advertising – and about which results surprised her. You can read the whole interview on the Werbewoche.ch website.

An excerpt of the interview can be read below:

Werbewoche.ch: Your market research institute studied the impact of different advertising channels. Who was interviewed – and over what period of time?

Marianne Binggeli: 1000 people from our ISO-certified intervista Online-Panel were interviewed. The respondents are residents of German- and French-speaking Switzerland and are aged between 18 and 80. The sample was quota-stratified by gender, age, WEMF region and education, so that it is representative of the distribution of the Swiss population. The survey took place from 5 to 22 November 2019.

Advertising and communication research at intervista

Communication research: Optimally designed advertising is the key to your target group. What advertising and communication research options does intervista offer?

intervista Online-Panel

intervista has unique recruitment opportunities in Switzerland that allow us to reach very broad segments of the Swiss online population. Our intervista online-panel covers the whole of German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland as well as Ticino. This means you always get the right target groups for your market research study – and from all over Switzerland.

Marianne Binggeli intervista
Marianne Binggeli
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