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Brand Trends 2021

Brand trends 2021: Digital, sustainable and meat-free brands on the rise

The brand trends of recent years have become even more pronounced. In the largest Swiss brand perception study, Swiss consumers are even more in favour of digital products and services, sustainable products and labels, and alternative forms of nutrition.

The study, commissioned by Havas Switzerland, was conducted by intervista in the first two weeks of February 2021. More than 4,500 consumers were surveyed about 489 brands and labels. For 10 years now, the Havas Brand Predictor has been measuring the perception of brands in terms of their dynamics, the trust placed in them and brand trends. These parameters are indicators for the current attractiveness of brands as well as for future preferences and purchase intentions of consumers.



The three main trends

Digital, meat-free and sustainable. What has already been observed for several years has become even more pronounced this year. Swiss consumers are becoming more digital, are increasingly demanding sustainable products and are more interested in meat-free products.

  • Digital lifestyle: As in the previous year, Twint and Netflix occupy the top positions among the most dynamic brands in Switzerland. Twint was able to take over the leading position from Netflix and has definitely established itself among the Swiss. But other mobile banking products are also enjoying a strong upswing. Revolut, Neon and N26, for example, stand out with large dynamic increases.
  • Sustainability: The dynamic growth of these labels and products is obvious. In the top 40 of all 489 brands, Migros Bio, Bio Suisse, Aus der Region. Für die Region, Alnatura, Miini Region, Naturaplan, Demeter, Fairtrade Max Havelaar, Suisse Garantie, Nature Suisse Bio and IP Suisse are all products and labels that stand for sustainability, organic or regional.
  • Meatless: The topic of sustainability is also making itself felt in meat substitutes and food lines. The most dynamic 40 brands include many labels and products that support meat-free nutrition concepts (e.g. vegan, vegetarian): V-Label, Beyond Meat, Karma, V-Love and Planted.



Brands that are most trusted

In terms of trust, consumers prefer established quality brands with tradition and long-standing customer relationships. The top 15 are made up exclusively of Swiss brands. These are mainly from the food or retail category. Le Gruyère enjoys the greatest trust. Le Gruyère is followed by Migros, Lindt, Victorinox and Coop. Migros’ Regio concept “From the region, for the region” occupies a place in the top 10 for the first time and is an exception as a label.

The trendiest brands in Switzerland

Using the “momentum factor”, the Havas Brand Predictor can identify the most trending brands among consumers. The top 15 brands in this ranking are almost exclusively from the areas of online retail, digital lifestyle, meat-free nutrition, mobile banking and sustainability. Twint is the trendy brand in Switzerland this year, ahead of Netflix and Tiktok.

Brand research at intervista

What brand research options does intervista offer? In our market research studies, we survey how your company or brand is perceived and create an individual image profile with various image dimensions. This allows us to identify differences between the current image (actual image) and the desired image (target image). On this basis, we develop practical suggestions for optimising and positioning your brand.

The intervista panel

The intervista online panel comprises 110,000 active persons in the B2C panel and 35,000 decision-makers and executives in Swiss companies of all sizes in the B2B panel.

intervista has unique recruitment possibilities in Switzerland, which allow us to reach very broad sections of the Swiss online population. Our online access panel covers the whole of German and French-speaking Switzerland as well as Ticino. This means you always get the right target groups for your market research study – from all over Switzerland.

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