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Test how your advertising will work

Advertising campaigns are time and money consuming. Therefore, it is important to use the funds as effectively as possible. Empirical research can reveal optimisation potential – even before a large advertising budget is spent and before the entire campaign is completed. But there is often not enough time for customised research when the advertising measures are supposed to start as soon as possible and the media slots are already booked.

The solution to this problem lies in the combination of three aspects: Automation, standardisation and the use of the latest technology. The intervista advertising check creates this connection and delivers study results at an attractive price after just one week.

How does the Advertising Check work?

You can conveniently order the advertising check via our online booking platform. Flexibly select the type and number of advertising media and use the practical upload function. The advertising media are tested in a representative online survey in the intervista panel. In contrast to ad-hoc advertising pre-tests, which we carry out for our clients as tailor-made studies, the advertising check uses a standardised procedure. You receive the results – including benchmarks – just one week after commissioning and delivery of the advertising material.

What are the advantages of the intervista Advertising Check?


Results already in one week




Flexibility despite standardisation


Comparison with benchmarks

Study design

The Advertising Check is an online survey and is conducted in the intervista Online-Panel. The high-quality intervista Online-Panel comprises 120,000 active participants throughout Switzerland.

With randomised sequential queries, up to five advertising media can be tested in an Advertising Check. When testing an advertising medium in one language, 200 people are surveyed. For each additional language variant, the sample size is increased by 100. Advertising media can be tested in German, French and Italian. The data collected is weighted and analysed representatively for the Swiss population according to age, gender and language region.


The results are summarised in a compact report on four to five slides per advertising medium. The report includes an overview of the results with a direct comparison to the benchmark as well as group comparisons by age, gender and language. Indices for the KPIs emotion, comprehension and behaviour clearly show where there is potential for optimisation.

Factsheet Advertising Check

Would you like more information about the intervista Advertising Check? In our factsheet you will find more information on the aspects and KPIs examined, the study structure and reporting.


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Felix Bernet
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