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Employee satisfaction

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Nowadays, employee satisfaction is of utmost importance for the success of companies. Employees who enjoy their work, see their job as a motivating challenge, want to take on responsibility and are actively committed to their company promote the working atmosphere, are more productive and, last but not least, contribute to a positive perception of the company. The positive image as a popular company is in turn a great advantage in the competition for the most qualified employees.

Companies maintain satisfied and motivated employees by knowing their employees’ needs, taking them seriously and responding to them in the best possible way. To find out in which areas satisfaction is low and how it could be improved, employees should be surveyed. This can be done in a face-to-face interview, but there is a risk that employees will answer in a “socially desirable” way and not express constructive criticism and wishes. Therefore, employee satisfaction is better surveyed with anonymous questionnaires that do not allow conclusions to be drawn about specific individuals. With well thought-out questions, it is not only possible to determine satisfaction and identification with the company, but also to identify weaknesses that have a negative impact on employees, processes and the company. The survey results give the company the opportunity to initiate improvement processes based on factual information and to develop employee-oriented solutions – at all levels.

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