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Obtain survey results quickly and cost-effectively

The online survey is a fast and comparatively inexpensive way of data collection in which the survey participants are invited to fill out a web-based questionnaire by e-mail, letter or via a link on a website. Online interviews are the fastest method of data collection, especially for large numbers of respondents. For example, visitors to your website, customers and employees from your address pool or participants in our intervista Online-Panel can be interviewed – either as a representative sample or as a special target group. Due to the very high internet usage penetration today, representative samples can usually be collected with this method without any problems. Exceptions are, for example, surveys in older population groups, for which we recommend a mixed-mode approach.

What are the advantages of an online survey?

Elimination of interviewer effects

One advantage of online surveys is that interviewer effects such as social desirability are eliminated because respondents are in an anonymous situation. This means that respondents answer more honestly and are less inclined to give an answer that they think the interviewers “want to hear”. In addition, with online studies, respondents have the opportunity to decide for themselves when they have time and want to participate in the survey.

Display of pictures, logos and multimedia material

Compared to CATI studies, online surveys have the great advantage that visual elements and illustrations such as logos or even videos can be included when designing the questions. This makes it easier for respondents to differentiate between different companies or organisations or enables campaign tests to be carried out easily with video or other pointing material.

Easier integration of complex methods

Through computer-assisted implementation, certain complex methods, such as conjoint measurement or maximum difference scaling, can be integrated into the survey.

Efficient implementation

Online surveys can be carried out much faster than face-to-face or telephone surveys, especially with large samples.

Rapid results

The collected data is immediately available. As a rule, clear interim reports with the most important results can be generated at any time.


Online surveys can be conducted in several languages without much effort. Respondents can choose their own survey language.


Online surveys are usually significantly less expensive than telephone or face-to-face surveys.

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