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Regression analysis

Regression analysis is a multivariate method that helps to find out which characteristics influence a target variable and how strong this influence is.

For example, you would like to know how strongly customer satisfaction is influenced by price, product variety and employees? With a linear regression analysis, the characteristics that most strongly influence satisfaction can be identified. This enables targeted and effective measures to be taken.

Depending on the requirements and the question, there are different types of regression analysis such as:

Linear regressions

one dependent metric and several independent variables with different scale levels

Logistic regressions

one dependent dichotomous variable and several independent variables with different scale levels

Multinomial logit models

one dependent categorical variable and several independent variables of different scale levels

Regressions illuminate the influence of several independent variables on only one dependent variable. If a question requires more than an isolated look at one dependent variable, we work with structural equation models.

Dominique Richner
Dominique Richner
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