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Results Workshop

We don't leave you alone with the market research results

An essential success factor of a market research study is its follow-up process in the company. After all, after the work is before the work. And after a project has been completed, the work with the results begins – and we don’t leave you alone with this. In the results workshop, we deal with the study results together and support you in deriving concrete measures from the figures.

Results workshop instead of results presentation?

While the results presentation is about illustrating and interpreting the results, the results workshop rather aims at deriving concrete measures from the results and evaluating and prioritising them in line with the corporate strategy. This is done together with you or your project team, or in an extended circle of stakeholders. The acceptance of the study results and of change processes by internal stakeholders demonstrably increases as a result. Results workshops are particularly suitable for more complex and challenging topics and studies – as this is where there is usually the greatest need for discussion on the part of internal stakeholders and, for this very reason, there are often many starting points for measures.

What are the advantages of a results workshop?


Decision-makers are actively involved in the development of concrete measures


The acceptance of change processes in the company increases


Ideas and directions are critically examined and illuminated from different perspectives


Creative and surprising workshop methods inspire and create fertile ground for innovative ideas and implementation


Results and concrete measures can be communicated in a structured way to other hierarchical levels after the workshop


Results are first communicated and interpreted in a predefined group of participants


Those affected become participants


Decision-making processes are accelerated

How do workshops usually work?

Every workshop is designed in close consultation with you – entirely according to your individual needs – because every company and every market research study is different. Individual components vary in duration and intensity depending on the overall duration of the workshops. For the greatest possible output, we make sure that the work sessions are designed to be both goal-oriented and varied.

Ergebnisworkshop Marktforschung

What results can you expect?

The type, form and depth of the results will be discussed and determined together with you in advance. It is important to know in which context the results will be used and who the internal target group is. Especially in projects with several departments involved, results workshops offer the ideal platform to generate commitment for the results and derived measures and to enthuse the stakeholders for a common goal.

What would you like to know more about?

Would you like to learn more about our services and solutions, do you have questions or would you like a concrete offer? Get in touch with us. You are welcome to call us or send us a message via our contact form.