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Creating Personas

Giving the target group a face with personas

A persona represents the characteristics, user behaviour, needs, goals and preferences of a target group based on an ideal-typical person. They are very useful for sales, marketing and product development because, unlike a pure target group description, they are concrete, tangible and authentic.

Personas can be developed for individual products, e.g. a software, a mobile phone, a website, a household appliance or a concrete service offer. However, they can also be developed for an entire company (generic personas) and used with a view to developing and improving the product range.

intervista develops personas for your company or one of your offers with the help of qualitative data collection (online diaries or in-depth interviews, e.g. ethnographic interviews). Ideally, this qualitative data is combined with quantitative data collection.

What concrete added value do personas offer?

User profiles instead of anonymous masses

Target group segments are given a face and become more human and more tangible. Personas help companies to understand for whom they are developing something, how products and services are used by different customer groups and what the customers’ expectations and needs are. Personas provide all project participants with a uniform understanding of the target group and serve as a basis for decision-making for every further development process. Personas are also suitable for the continuous support and further development of products/services. They help to make well-founded decisions in the interest of the customer at all times.

Well-founded product development instead of wishful thinking

Personas enable all employees to place the requirements of the clientele in the focus of development. They have the same target group in mind when making decisions and develop empathy for their customers. Instead of talking generally and subjectively about the requirements of “our customers”, they are actively involved through the personas: “This function would certainly be very helpful for ‘Sonja’”.

Optimal use of resources instead of scattering loss

The personas tell you how you can best reach your customers. In addition, processes are simplified within the company. The shared knowledge about the customer groups and the common understanding of their needs facilitate the cooperation of different company departments. Personas also simplify external communication, e.g. with advertising agencies, which can use the personas to develop campaigns that are more targeted and in the interest of the company.

Felix Bernet
Felix Bernet
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